A Natural Remedy for Sinus Infection

natural remedy for sinus infection

I have great news for chronic sinus sufferers: There’s a natural and simple remedy you can make to help you get rid of your sinus infection forever.

This remedy is completely natural and comes to life through a merge (hack) of two products: bee propolis and saline nasal spray. The particular propolis I had in mind is propolis with herbs made by Twinlab –a  concentrated source of propolis in glycerin with added herbs.

How to make your propolis sinus spray?

You need one bottle of Twinlab propolis (1 oz or 30 ml) in glycerin and one bottle of nasal saline spray (1 oz or 30 ml) that has a removable cap. If purchasing a nasal spray, only use one without artificial preservatives such as sodium benzoate. Alternatively, make your own saline solution.

Before you start, a word of warning. Don’t make this spray if you have a propolis allergy. Also, some people may have an initial sensitivity to propolis characterized by sneezing. Below, I explain how it can be avoided.


  1. Remove caps from the propolis bottle and the nasal spray.
  2. Put two dropperfuls of propolis into the saline. Close the bottles.
  3. You’re done.
  4. Insert the tip of the propolis spray into each nostril and spray straight back. Sniff gently. Tilt your head back or lay down for a minute. It will burn a little. Make sure the solution doesn’t go to your throat. Do not attempt to blow your nose. Instead, gently wipe off everything that runs out.
  5. Clean the tip of your propolis spray and store it in the refrigerator.
  6. Repeat this procedure several times per day until your condition improves. You will see an improvement in a week.  If there is no significant improvement after the first week or after you’ve used up your first bottle, try making a stronger solution (adding three, four, five dropperfuls of propolis).

Additional notes:

  • Make a new solution as needed. Continue with the procedure until your infection goes away. Sometimes it may take a couple of bottles, but it is important not to stop.
  • When your condition improves (and it will), you may gradually reduce the number of applications to three times per day, two times per day, and one time per day only while observing your symptoms. When your symptoms go away, don’t stop immediately as your symptoms might reappear. It means you stopped to soon and your infection did not go away completely.
  • Stop using this solution during an active cold and flu as it will cause additional irritation. Instead, wait till the flu subsides and start using the solution again.
  • It is advisable to start with a weaker solution of this spray and gradually increase the strength until the perfect balance is found between the potent product and your tolerance to propolis. In case you are not sensitive to propolis at all, please disregard this and put four, five dropperfuls of propolis in the saline solution.
  • Store your propolis nasal spray in the refrigerator. No need to add any preservatives. If you plan to travel and you wish take your bottle with you, you might add a few drops of GSE.

So, there you go! A natural and simple way to avoid medications and doctors. Even better, it is very economical because you can make many bottles of your spray with only one bottle of Twinlab propolis.

I assume there are other propolis products out there. If you cannot obtain Twinlab propolis with herbs, choose a quality concentrated propolis in glycerin, not alcohol or propylene glycol.

While you are working on curing your infection, make sure you avoid dairy, red wine –at lest initially, drink lots of nettle tea (if your infections are triggered by an allergy) and sprinkle cayenne pepper on your foods.

If you find this helpful please let me know!

P.S. These are 100% uncompensated, affiliate-free thoughts. I just love and highly recommend Twinlab propolis.

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  1. Thank you I always have sinus issues. Santa Ana winds, allergies I cannot wait to try this

  2. Thank you so much for the wonderful recipe! Twinlabs propolis is not difficult to find, however I am having trouble finding saline spray with removable cap – would you have any recommendations please? Thank you again!

    • Gentle Simplicity says:

      Hi Tina! Finding a saline spray with removable cap can be tricky and I found my way to open and close certain caps which are not meant to be open (when you REALLY need something a “trial and error” approach comes naturally, so yes, it’s possible, but it takes practice and is not meant for bottles under pressure). Also, check if you have any spray bottles with removable cap at home that are almost used up. These could be rinsed and reused (you would need to make your own saline spray). Another suggestion is to buy an empty screw on bottle and, again, make your own saline. I checked, and found bottles that can work on ebay and here’s another website (China) that sells bottles with removable caps. Unfortunately, they only sell in bulk. I hope these ideas were of some help to you.

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