DIY Paper Collage Cards: Say Yes to Creative Mess

What’s the best word to describe a process of making paper collage cards?

a. Messiness

b. Creativeness

c. Eco-friendliness

The correct answer is a. Messiness.

The ability to create simple shapes of paper, watch them fly all over the place and concentrate on putting them together can be a challenge for adults, and non-artists (basically, me). Kids are much more confident in the process. For one, they never think about the cleanup!

Making your own paper collage cards is a messy and sticky activity, but I love it because it’s colorful, personalized and resource-gentle. It also triggers creativity, because of its simplicity.

Naturally, the homemade and, particularly paper collage cards, will have flaws (see below) that are absent in photoshopped and store-made cards. That’s not a bad thing.

The challenge: Creating a piece of original art for those we care for.

The messy bonus: Making the cards with kids for extra joy…and glue.

For these paper collage cards you will need two ingredients only: Old magazines with colorful pictures and construction paper. Alternatively use heavy watercolor paper.


1.      Decide on your motif

2.      Cut construction paper to desired size, fold in half

3.      Draw the motif on your card (picture 1)

4.      Flip through the magazine choosing images, colors that appeal to you

5.      Tear only parts you will need, not the entire page, to reduce waste (pictures 2,3)

6.      Tear or cut into smaller collage pieces (pictures 4, 5)

7.      Glue the pieces to the background paper

8.      Press well

9.      Leave the collage to dry

collage paper card instructions

1. Love

I chose images of pink rose buds for this card. I tore all pieces and shaped them by zigzag scissors.

2. Joy

This is a two-layer card. First layer: Blue stripes for the winter scene. Second layer: the trees ad the snowflakes. I cheated here and painted the tiniest snowflakes using white tempera.

paper collage cards

3. Friendship

I applied several layers of collage paper pieces to create this card, using images of blue skies and pink, yellow and purple flowers.friendship collage paper card

4. Fun

A picture of this lovely cup + paper edger scissors =  fun stripes

paper collage card

5. Imagination

Finding the all the words I needed turned out to be a greatest challenge. My favorite.

paper collage card lyrics


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