Fun, Creative and Eco Friendly Gift Wrapping

art supplies for gift wrappingI always prefer to invest a little extra time to imagine and create a wrapping of that special gift by using only common supplies I already have at home. Here is how my daughter Zoe and I wrapped gifts last week, inspired by a recent invitation by our cousins.

What I provided: book pages, wooden beads, brown paper bags and lavender (source: miscellaneous corners).

What Zoe provided: everything else (source: her treasure chest).

I frankly believe Zoe has enough “treasures” in her room to supply a small workshop and most are things that she either received or discovered. In case you didn’t know, Zoe is a passionate collector of everything that shows some kind of potential to be an art one day. No instant inspiration? No problem, lets put it in a treasure chest (forget Andy Warhol’s time capsule, this is a real deal).

The truth is, one of my all-time favorite activities involves me and Zoe, using simple supplies we already have at home, for which we found a new, creative use. Why? Because we have tons of fun time together and both of us receive a wonderful lesson on how great it is to create and reuse something in a new and innovative way. Also, this is a great way to spread the joy of eco-friendliness to those you care for.

Here is the list of supplies we used to make our homemade gift wrapping:

  • Old buttons
  • Rope, raffia and pink ribbon (previously received)
  • Brown paper bags
  • Miscellaneous paper (book pages, newspapers)
  • Dry flowers (lavender)
  • Wooden beads

Our main activities:

Cutting, pressing, gluing, giggling, wrapping and cleaning up the mess.

What else can be used:

Pressed leaves, corrugated paper, old photos, shells, twigs, pine cones, fabric, stickers. I am sure I forgot to mention many great things.

With personalized wrapping you can always add a little something that you know would delight the recipient: Printed poem for a poetry fan, music notes for a pianist, mathematical formula for a physicist etc.

These wrapped gifts are what we came up with. You may have something else in your home, begging to be used. Just look around and let your imagination fly!

Collage of Homemade Gift Wrapping

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