How to Talk to Your Husband About Natural Products

A sad confession: No matter what I say or do to promote homemade and eco-friendly products in our own household, my husband will somehow be stubborn to accept it. While he is naturally an outstandingly low-consumption person and sensible buyer, which makes a great balance to a woman (me) who sometimes buys things on impulse, using natural and homemade products is a different, still unconquered area. Even talking about natural or eco-friendly products can be a touchy conversation topic that usually turns into a small argument, as illustrated below.

Chapter 1: What Do Lucrezia Borgia, witch and purgatory have in common?

Once upon a time, a young lady (me) was standing in her kitchen, surrounded by bottles, pans and magic potions. Her husband (Alex) entered the room.

Alex: What are you making?

Me: An all-natural sunscreen.

Alex: A Blair-Witch project?

Me (irritably): I am not forcing you to use it, just so you know.

The following year…

Alex: Making an eco-friendly, Lucrezia Borgia sunscreen?

Me: Naturally.

Alex: I will pay you not to make it.

Me: Why? It is only for me and Zoe (our daughter).

Alex: It stinks like purgatory.

Me: First of all, it doesn’t stink and second, I will always prefer a natural stink to artificial fragrances.

Alex (singing): No woman no cry…

Chapter 2: You need and Italian doctor to talk to your husband

My husband is big on deodorants, antiperspirants in particular. Many times, I was trying to persuade him to switch to crystal deodorant, telling him how sweating was a totally natural and healthy process, that is only made unnatural by our culture that labels as uncivilized anything that isn’t sweat-free. No success.

Some time ago, while in Italy, Alex discovered a small swelling on his underarm. We promptly called a doctor, who upon a close examination, explained to my husband in plain English, how it was just a reaction to his synthetic deodorant.

Italian Doctor: You should stop using your antiperspirant. It is bad for you.

Alex (in all his naiveté): But it is sold in stores!

Italian Doctor: So are the cigarettes.

Alex: (silence)

The lesson learned: All my preaching and praxis didn’t make an impact on my husband as much as the plain statement from the Italian doctor. How funny, even in our own household, products and activities needed to get certified by a “third party” to be considered bona fide. Anyway, my own experience is, bring an Italian doctor to tell your husband what he will not hear from you.

Chapter 3: Small steps ahead…

Alex: Do you think I should switch to a crystal deodorant spray or continue using it in a stick?

Me: I prefer the stick because it lasts forever.

Alex: Do you know that my underarm odor is gone?

Me: I know (smile)

As you can see, we are making very small steps, but overall, I think we’re are moving forward.


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