Rescue & Reinvent: DIY Eco-Friendly Envelopes

To make envelopes that are eco-friendly and (hopefully) charming means simply diving into your creative wells, digging into storage boxes and visiting potentially dusty corners. Here are six ideas for do-it-yourself envelopes that can be brought to life by using your own supplies that are both simple and within reach.

Card without envelope #1

If you make a card using heavy construction paper or light cardboard paper (like I did to make paper collage cards), you may skip the envelope!

With a few raffia strings and cute old buttons your card may look like this (on one side)…

Eco friendly envelopes with raffia

And like this (on the other)…

eco friendly envelope3

With and without raffia…

eco friendly envelope side 2

Card without envelope #2

For your Valentine, make a heart-shaped envelope. Here’s how:

diy valentine heart envelope-card

  1. Fold the paper in half.
  2. Cut out a heart shape from the folded paper, but leave some fold on both sides of the heart
  3. Add your personal message
  4. Punch equally spaced holes around the edge. Tie a knot on the raffia string and loop the string through the holes on one side in the same manner as you would weave a needle through fabric. Repeat on the other side. Tie the two ends of raffia together. Trim ends if needed.

You can create different envelopes by rescuing your paper destined for recycling…

from an old calendar…

eco friendly envelopes-calendar

a brown paper bag…

eco friendly envelope brown paper bag

an old magazine…

eco friendly envelopes/cards

or an old map…two eco friendly envelopes-map

Gentle Simplicity’s tip…

  • Don’t throw away items that you can reuse (gift wrapping, cards, construction paper, magazines, calendars, promotional materials, buttons, ribbons, other decorative items)
  • Save energy and don’t stifle your creativity: try not to use printer or photocopier to make your cards or envelopes.
  • Use natural materials
  • Involve kids in your project. They will love it!

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