Sew an Eco-Friendly Bag From Your Old Strappy Shirt

Here’s a little guide on how to repurpose your old shirt with straps. Being washed countless times your shirt has probably lost a great deal of color and shape. Instead of using it to mop your floor and throwing it away afterwards, it’s much better to give it a new life by turning into something else – your own hand sewn bag. This is an easy project, great for beginners.

To sew your eco-friendly bag you will need: Spaghetti straps shirt, tread, 3 buttons, scraps of colorful fabric (optional).

Start by taking a close look at the shirt. The straps will become handles, so make sure that they hold up well. Reinforce them if needed.

sew eco-friendly bag1

Turn the shirt on the wrong side. Reposition the side seams and align them on top of each other.

sew an eco-friendly bag2

For a sturdy bag, you need a strong bottom seam. Line up bottom edges of the shirt. Using a backstitch technique, sew them together. To achieve a straight line of your stitch, simply follow the hem line.


Turn the shirt on the right side. Cut the fabric in the shape of flowers using this simple flower pattern.

flower pattern

Sew on old buttons on top of flowers to decorate your bag.

sew an eco-friendly bag3

Your new bag!

sew eco friendly bag

Thanks to the buttons and straps your new bag is also foldable!

foldable eco friendly bag

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