Eco-friendly gift wrapping ideas with pine cones and needles

Eco-friendly gift wrapping ideas

A walk on the beach can inspire in numerous ways and one is to collect beautiful, fragrant pine cones and pine needles and use them to wrap a gift. Idea: Collect fallen pine cones and branches of pine trees on the beach. Design nature-inspired gift wraps. Have fun. Gift: A book Wrapping supplies: Pine cones, pine needles and raffia. Tools: Scissors While I think it’s clever to add to a gift “mystique” by wrapping it in paper, sometimes there are {Read More}

The many lives of autumn leaves: A weekend project (with free high resolution pictures)

five o'clock

How to keep enjoying all the breathtaking colors of the autumn foliage long after the season is gone? Here’s my suggestion for three fun and simple projects that you can embark on with your kids. It starts by going outside, finding and collecting different leaves (pretty, atypical, fulvous…) and pressing them between the pages an old book. Last weekend, for our extended fun time, Zoe and I decided to uncover our precious selection of leaves for the first time (although {Read More}

The Honor and Pleasure of Meeting an Olive Tree (and Making My Olive Leaf Extract)

Olive branches against blue sky

Personally, the delight from making my own olive leaf extract only starts with its cool health benefits, because there’s so much more to it. The thing is, since I make it each year while on vacation, the olive leaf brew also captures the fun of my family retreat along with the radiant, power-infusing sunshine. And merging the pleasure of staying at an old friend’s cottage and picking fresh olive leaves right from a nearby tree is one blissful affair of {Read More}

Rescue & Reinvent: DIY Eco-Friendly Envelopes

eco friendly envelope

To make envelopes that are eco-friendly and (hopefully) charming means simply diving into your creative wells, digging into storage boxes and visiting potentially dusty corners. Here are six ideas for do-it-yourself envelopes that can be brought to life by using your own supplies that are both simple and within reach. Card without envelope #1 If you make a card using heavy construction paper or light cardboard paper (like I did to make paper collage cards), you may skip the envelope! {Read More}

DIY Paper Collage Cards: Say Yes to Creative Mess

paper collage pieces

What’s the best word to describe a process of making paper collage cards? a. Messiness b. Creativeness c. Eco-friendliness The correct answer is a. Messiness. The ability to create simple shapes of paper, watch them fly all over the place and concentrate on putting them together can be a challenge for adults, and non-artists (basically, me). Kids are much more confident in the process. For one, they never think about the cleanup! Making your own paper collage cards is a {Read More}

Fun, Creative and Eco Friendly Gift Wrapping

Eco Friendly Gift Wrapping

I always prefer to invest a little extra time to imagine and create a wrapping of that special gift by using only common supplies I already have at home. Here is how my daughter Zoe and I wrapped gifts last week, inspired by a recent invitation by our cousins. What I provided: book pages, wooden beads, brown paper bags and lavender (source: miscellaneous corners). What Zoe provided: everything else (source: her treasure chest). I frankly believe Zoe has enough “treasures” {Read More}