Conventional vs. Organic Farming Series, Part III: Benefits of Organic Farming

benefits of organic farming

The word “organic” has a holistic, deep-rooted implication referring to living organisms. The term comprises of a system of farmer, food and consumer. According to the organic philosophy, consumer’s health is achieved by “whole, fresh and organically raised food.” (Oelhaf, 1978). Organic means a special and nurtured connection between the farmer and the soil. The philosophy of the food system starts with the soil; this is the center of attention of organic farming. Organic farmers perceive themselves as feeders of {Read More}

Conventional vs. Organic Farming Series, Part II: Safety of Conventional Farming

conventional farming chemical safety

Here’s the second part of the conventional vs. organic series. This part deals with the safety of conventional farming. Safety of Conventional Farming: Should Consumers Be Concerned? The goal of agriculture is the production of food. The US Department of Agriculture indicates that US consumers increasingly expect safe and healthy food and the agriculture is more being defined as “consumer-driven”. From the consumer side, it is necessary to ask questions about safety of conventional agriculture, about the effect of agricultural {Read More}