Why and How To Introduce Millet to Your Picky Child

kid friendly recipes with millet

How to introduce millet for the first time to your picky child? Well, according to my experience with one picky eater, the best way is to introduce it as a sweet treat. And that’s really easy with millet because it’s so versatile! Why Introduce millet? Millet is a very healthy grain, to start with. It has splendid levels of important nutrients such as manganese, zinc, magnesium, tryptofan and B1 vitamin. It is also a great source of fiber. As you {Read More}

Pomegranate: A delight for the senses delivers outstanding health benefits

health benefits of pomegranate fruit

Visually, pomegranate impresses with its red and glossy seeds that look like rubies. A tasting of this fruit will deepen the visual pleasure, uncovering an abundance of juiciness, sweetness, tartness and chewiness. A tasty and good looking fruit is enough to captivate the senses, but, as it turns out, this delicious, playful and visually stunning winter treat is rich in healthy goodies that we can benefit from even if we consume pomegranate just for the sake of deep sensual delight. {Read More}

The Kid, The Apple and The Imaginary Superhero

four galla apples

Everyone in my family knows that apples are my second favorite fruit, right after wild blueberries. I often say that apples are somewhat like wine – there are many varieties and kinds (tart, sweet, fragrant, fresh, ripe) suited for different tastes as well as occasions (baking, salad, eating out of hand). As with wine, you may immediately fall in love with a certain variety while other varieties you will learn to appreciate. As a child I thought I didn’t like {Read More}