The Honor and Pleasure of Meeting an Olive Tree (and Making My Olive Leaf Extract)

Olive branches against blue sky

Personally, the delight from making my own olive leaf extract only starts with its cool health benefits, because there’s so much more to it. The thing is, since I make it each year while on vacation, the olive leaf brew also captures the fun of my family retreat along with the radiant, power-infusing sunshine. And merging the pleasure of staying at an old friend’s cottage and picking fresh olive leaves right from a nearby tree is one blissful affair of {Read More}

Elderberry Syrup Recipe: Simple and Delightful

piece of berry art by Zoe

Making your own elderberry syrup: You’ve heard about it from a neighbor. You read about it in your grandmother’s book of remedies. But you were hesitant to try it yourself. Your arguments: “difficult”, “unsafe” and “who has the time”. Put your worries away—homemade elderberry syrup recipe is safe and seductively simple to make. It takes about one hour make it (cleaning-up included), and your family is set for the winter months. It wasn’t always like that for me. Years ago, {Read More}