Eco-friendly gift wrapping ideas with pine cones and needles

Eco-friendly gift wrapping ideas

A walk on the beach can inspire in numerous ways and one is to collect beautiful, fragrant pine cones and pine needles and use them to wrap a gift. Idea: Collect fallen pine cones and branches of pine trees on the beach. Design nature-inspired gift wraps. Have fun. Gift: A book Wrapping supplies: Pine cones, pine needles and raffia. Tools: Scissors While I think it’s clever to add to a gift “mystique” by wrapping it in paper, sometimes there are {Read More}

Lavender: Eat, Sleep, Love

lavender field

We know that Romans enjoyed to take baths in addition to their other epicurean habits. But only recently I learned that the name of one of my favorite plants—lavender, is associated with the Roman practice of taking a bath. Apparently, the word lavare (hence, Lavandula, the Latin name for lavender), means “to bathe”. Yes, you guessed it right—Romans loved taking a bath perfumed with lavender flowers. Ah, these Romans. Our family recently returned home from a trip and the first {Read More}

Rescue & Reinvent: DIY Eco-Friendly Envelopes

eco friendly envelope

To make envelopes that are eco-friendly and (hopefully) charming means simply diving into your creative wells, digging into storage boxes and visiting potentially dusty corners. Here are six ideas for do-it-yourself envelopes that can be brought to life by using your own supplies that are both simple and within reach. Card without envelope #1 If you make a card using heavy construction paper or light cardboard paper (like I did to make paper collage cards), you may skip the envelope! {Read More}

DIY Paper Collage Cards: Say Yes to Creative Mess

paper collage pieces

What’s the best word to describe a process of making paper collage cards? a. Messiness b. Creativeness c. Eco-friendliness The correct answer is a. Messiness. The ability to create simple shapes of paper, watch them fly all over the place and concentrate on putting them together can be a challenge for adults, and non-artists (basically, me). Kids are much more confident in the process. For one, they never think about the cleanup! Making your own paper collage cards is a {Read More}

Fun, Creative and Eco Friendly Gift Wrapping

Eco Friendly Gift Wrapping

I always prefer to invest a little extra time to imagine and create a wrapping of that special gift by using only common supplies I already have at home. Here is how my daughter Zoe and I wrapped gifts last week, inspired by a recent invitation by our cousins. What I provided: book pages, wooden beads, brown paper bags and lavender (source: miscellaneous corners). What Zoe provided: everything else (source: her treasure chest). I frankly believe Zoe has enough “treasures” {Read More}

Simple, Stylish and Self-Indulgent Uses For Lemon

creative uses for lemon

  I am a bit embarrassed to say that for a long time I labeled lemon as a valuable medicinal, but otherwise, an unexciting plant. I strongly suspect that this is a consequence of the fact that during my early childhood, I drank gallons of lemonade for my frequent colds. Luckily, this childish attitude of mine has changed. Over the years I learned to rely on lemon as a wonderful and invigorating partner that boosts my daily rituals with style {Read More}