Rapid Blemish Reliever: Make Your Own!

rapid blemish reliever

The secret is out: skin blemishes are not just one common, unpleasant mark of puberty, as our teachers and parents tell us. The dispiriting fact is that they appear at any age, and at least desirable times. An unannounced, and unsightly eruption on your face does come suddenly, but there is a clear pattern for sure: Just before the wedding ceremony. Or a family reunion. Or the big presentation of your idea in front of your peers. I know this {Read More}

What the Skin Craves, the Body Must Seek: 15 Plant-Based Beauty Oils

15 plant beauty oils

Through history people have relied on rich gifts of nature to create beauty oils that treat the face, body and hair. Pure plant oils soften, heal, revitalize and keep the skin well-protected, whether it’s oily, dry or sensitive. With only a single ingredient, they are desirable and perfect just the way they are. They act as natural beauty elixirs, help create beauty rituals and have a limitless performance. Here are fifteen beauty oils to seek and embrace. Avocado oil (Persea {Read More}

The Honor and Pleasure of Meeting an Olive Tree (and Making My Olive Leaf Extract)

Olive branches against blue sky

Personally, the delight from making my own olive leaf extract only starts with its cool health benefits, because there’s so much more to it. The thing is, since I make it each year while on vacation, the olive leaf brew also captures the fun of my family retreat along with the radiant, power-infusing sunshine. And merging the pleasure of staying at an old friend’s cottage and picking fresh olive leaves right from a nearby tree is one blissful affair of {Read More}

Lavender: Eat, Sleep, Love

lavender field

We know that Romans enjoyed to take baths in addition to their other epicurean habits. But only recently I learned that the name of one of my favorite plants—lavender, is associated with the Roman practice of taking a bath. Apparently, the word lavare (hence, Lavandula, the Latin name for lavender), means “to bathe”. Yes, you guessed it right—Romans loved taking a bath perfumed with lavender flowers. Ah, these Romans. Our family recently returned home from a trip and the first {Read More}

Goodbye Artificial Fragrances: A Personal Story

synthetic fragrances

The other day I was standing behind a woman in a bank, when a hint of her fragrance, so familiar, started to tickle my nostrils. No mistake, she was wearing Jean Paul Gaultier. As I stood there, I had a series of flashbacks: Summer vacation with my best friend, picking a graduation dress, drinking sweet, red wine. The woman left and I went back to my present self, feeling jet-lagged. Isn’t there something supernatural about the power that scents have {Read More}

10 Steps to a Good-Hair Day: Eco-friendly Coloring With Henna

henna hair dye on hair

In a hair-perfect world there would be no scary chemicals in commercial hair dye and my natural hair would be straight; not curly. Luckily, there’s henna (Lawsonia inermis), a wonderful plant and natural hair dye to help with the hair coloring issue, making the world a better place for hair. Natural hair dyes like henna are not as easy and quick to apply like commercial ones, but they triumph on other accounts that really matter.  “You must mix henna with…” {Read More}

Tale of the Wind and the Scary Oatmeal

october foilage

This Saturday morning a playful wind came from the south. It caused a stir among the lazy autumn leaves, newspaper pages and runaway balloons that joyfully swirled to the crooning tune. Household reconnaissance: Zoe—still asleep. Alex—awoke probably since dawn, solving obscure mathematical problems in his study (while listening to Patsy Cline). I was just about to treat myself to a breakfast (my special oatmeal with seeds and spices) in the kitchen, when I heard a loud crack outside. Then, a {Read More}

Simple, Stylish and Self-Indulgent Uses For Lemon

creative uses for lemon

  I am a bit embarrassed to say that for a long time I labeled lemon as a valuable medicinal, but otherwise, an unexciting plant. I strongly suspect that this is a consequence of the fact that during my early childhood, I drank gallons of lemonade for my frequent colds. Luckily, this childish attitude of mine has changed. Over the years I learned to rely on lemon as a wonderful and invigorating partner that boosts my daily rituals with style {Read More}