Why and How Encourage Your Child to Eat Lentils

Unhulled red lentil

Does this scenario sound familiar? You’ve spent several hours consulting web-pages and books in order to advance your knowledge of child nutrition. Then you’ve selected quality ingredients, chopped them, cut your finger in the process, cooked, pulverized and carefully seasoned a meal. You’re feeling as you’ve accomplished a small feat when you finally get to serve it to your little one. And the only thing she says (with a super-sad face) is: “Oh, no…but, something smelled so good from the {Read More}

Tale of the Wind and the Scary Oatmeal

october foilage

This Saturday morning a playful wind came from the south. It caused a stir among the lazy autumn leaves, newspaper pages and runaway balloons that joyfully swirled to the crooning tune. Household reconnaissance: Zoe—still asleep. Alex—awoke probably since dawn, solving obscure mathematical problems in his study (while listening to Patsy Cline). I was just about to treat myself to a breakfast (my special oatmeal with seeds and spices) in the kitchen, when I heard a loud crack outside. Then, a {Read More}

The Kid, The Apple and The Imaginary Superhero

four galla apples

Everyone in my family knows that apples are my second favorite fruit, right after wild blueberries. I often say that apples are somewhat like wine – there are many varieties and kinds (tart, sweet, fragrant, fresh, ripe) suited for different tastes as well as occasions (baking, salad, eating out of hand). As with wine, you may immediately fall in love with a certain variety while other varieties you will learn to appreciate. As a child I thought I didn’t like {Read More}

How to Talk to Your Husband About Natural Products

How to talk to your husband about natural products

A sad confession: No matter what I say or do to promote homemade and eco-friendly products in our own household, my husband will somehow be stubborn to accept it. While he is naturally an outstandingly low-consumption person and sensible buyer, which makes a great balance to a woman (me) who sometimes buys things on impulse, using natural and homemade products is a different, still unconquered area. Even talking about natural or eco-friendly products can be a touchy conversation topic that {Read More}