Wonderful Benefits of Buckwheat Pillows

One negative aspect of travel and visiting friends and family is that you leave the sanctuary of your own bed and enter the night-time gamble to see how lucky you are with the bed you’re going to get. Most of times I wasn’t very lucky, mostly because my pillow was too high, too soft or too hard. But once, I hit a jack-pot when I was offered a strange-looking pillow filled with “something”. That “something” was buckwheat hull. Laying down on that special pillow for the first time was one true “wow!” moment for me, shortly followed by a nourishing sleep.

Today, I am inspired to write about buckwheat hull pillows and why I think they’re amazing. Everybody knows the importance of a good time sleep. Here’s how sleep, as well as the overall well-being can be improved with one simple and wholesome gift from nature…buckwheat.

Buckwheat hulls

A few facts about buckwheat…

Even ancient civilizations beneficially exploited favorable components of buckwheat, one of the healthiest plants on Earth. Buckwheat originates from Southeast Asia, being mentioned in ancient writings dating as far as 6000 BC!  It was brought to Europe by the Crusaders in the 15th century. Today, the largest producer of buckwheat is Russia, followed by China. This ancient crop is also one of the safest foods—thanks to its natural resilience it can grow without the use of pesticides, while it dislikes fertilizers. One can tell that this plant has determined to lead organic life!

Buckwheat hulls in your pillow. Are they safe?

Properly processed buckwheat hull is probably the best component of a pillow. It is important to know that there are three different ways of processing buckwheat:

  •  Grinding
  •  Peeling
  •  Hydrothermal treatment

Buckwheat hulls obtained with the first two procedures may contain a lot of dust and buckwheat flour, a residue that is impossible to remove. Furthermore, the procedures yield ground or broken shells that are anatomically inflexible.

Meanwhile, with the method of hydrothermal treatment, the husks are boiled what leaves them perfectly clean and flexible. No chemicals other than water and air are used in the process. Hulls are sorted and broken parts are removed. Only the original (pyramid) shape of buckwheat hulls are kept.

Hulls that are perfectly clean do not contribute to allergies. Furthermore, they are extremely airy, flexible and can be adjusted to any anatomical demands. Because of their pyramidal shape, hulls are also said to bring positive energy.

What are the benefits of the buckwheat pillow? Who is the pillow suitable for?

The following review sums up the results of my research and personal experience:

  • Buckwheat pillow is beneficial to all who desire a deep and quality sleep (yep, that’s me!).
  • The pillow is perfect for those that love to read or watch TV, as it is the perfect support for head and spine while reading or sitting. From my own experience, you can shape it any way you like.
  • The pillow is especially good for people that have problems with too high or too low pillows, because the amount of hull and the height of the pillow can be fully controlled through the zipper. I found this feature to be just incredible, because I am very susceptible to pillow height. Hence, I removed extra husks to achieve my perfect height. I carefully stored them, hoping that I will be able to use them in some way.
Buckwheat pillow zipper

Buckwheat pillow zipper-great for controlling the pillow height

  • The pillow is very useful for people who have problems with the cervical spine (me, again), since the pillow provides anatomical massage function and is adapted perfectly to the anatomy of the cervical spine to relieve any neck muscle issues.
  • The pillow is helpful for asthmatics and people with respiratory problems because it does not emit particulate matter.
  • It is a wonderful find for persons who are allergic to dust mites because the pillow creates the unwelcoming conditions for their retention and development. Luckily, I am not allergic to dust mites, but knowing that there are no dust mites nearby brings me extra peace :)
  • People with migraine say they benefit from the pillow as it is a positive energy product and the position of the head alleviates their migraine problems.
  • It’s good to know that the pillow significantly reduces or prevents sweating. People who sweat during sleep will find the pillow to be great, due to its airiness and excellent thermal conductivity.
  • Buckwheat pillow prevents the problems that arise due to prolonged laying and  are well suited for those who have cramps and pain, including people who are confined to a bed or wheelchair.
  • It just perfectly complements the outside temperature: It’s pleasantly cool in summer and refreshing to lay on while it carries nice warmth in winter.

As it turns out, there are many intrinsic virtues to buckwheat hulls that combine together to provide quality rest and sleep. With some care the buckwheat pillow can last around five years. Sweet dreams!

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